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Video: Friday The 13th Lives: The Ultimate Chapter Amazing Fictional NES Game!

Doctor Terror's Blog of Horrors and the Hacktivion crew, the same group that has made many incredible dream mockups of retro horror games for NES, have really outdone themselves with the most amazing 8-bit tribute to the FRIDAY THE 13th franchise. This ultimate dream game (see video below) blows away the real life NES version and brings such a fantastic digital tribute to each and every corner of the Friday the 13th brand. The old television series even has a spot. The mockup includes a massive rule booklet the most elaborate the team has designed so far loaded with artwork, maps, characters and references to every aspect of the franchise, from the campers portrayed in the films to the many incarnations of Jason Voorhees. Doc Terror, artist Frank Browning, and musician Sean O'Connor have joined forces again for this ambitious multimedia project entitled Friday the 13th Lives! The Ultimate Chapter."

Happy Friday the 13th!
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