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Robert Englund Will Wear The Freddy Krueger Make Up One Last Time!

Robert Englund is an icon any way you look at it. By going through an extensive make up process and the addition of the unmistakable red and green sweater along with his dirty brown hat, he becomes Freddy Krueger. Englund will once again be going through the legendary transformation one last time this July at the Flashback Weekend in Chicago.

Englund will be on hand to sign autographs in full costume. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get an amazing photo with a true legend as this could be the final time that we ever see him dressed as Freddy.

England's make up designer Robe Kutzman will be on hand doing the honors putting Robert through the same application process that he would normally go through for the A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET films.

Flashback Weekend will be taking place in Chicago on August 8, 2014. Tickets are available HERE!.

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