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See The Teaser Trailer For ROAD TRIP OF THE DEAD Here!

One fun thing about Horror movies is the fact that some of them are good enough to have documentaries made about them. Seeing and hearing behind the scene stories told by actors and crew members about characters or situations that we all love is a very satisfying thing to take in. Now comes something a little bit different. Being referred to as a "reality based slasher" ROAD TRIP OF THE DEAD looks to take the documentary idea and weave it into an actual Horror film. It should be interesting. Head on down to learn more about the film and to view the teaser trailer below.

Production is underway for a reality-based horror film, ROAD TRIP OF THE DEAD, in the Pittsburgh, Monroeville and Evans City/Cranberry area. The film stars celebrity and effects artist Tom Savini and Gary Streiner.

The film centers around a group of friends (fans of George Romero films) that are attempting to complete a documentary about filming locations of Romero films in and around Pittsburgh. The friends set out on the tour not knowing the Horror they love is about to become a reality.

This is NOT a zombie film, but a reality-based slasher, horror-fiction tale.

This film will not only be an entertaining tale but will also be combined with documentary style information on filming locations of classic Pittsburgh films. Ninety percent of all locations used in our film will have been in other films. Think of them as location cameos, so fans will not only get cameos from stars like Gary Streiner, but they will get to see great locations like the Monroeville Mall (Dawn of the Dead), Evans City Cemetery (Night of the Living Dead) and Wampum Mines (Day of the Dead).

Fans come to Pittsburgh by the thousands to see Romero filming locations, and these fans are “dying” to see them!

ROAD TRIP OF THE DEAD is coming sometime in 2015.
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