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Another Remake For THE OMEN? More Within!

The 1976 Richard Donner film THE OMEN captivated audiences with the clever ways in which it showed the wickedness working through the Anti-Christ in the form of the child Damien. To this day it stands tall within the current generation and is held in very high regard. Then back in 2006 a remake of the classic hit the scene in John Moore's THE OMEN which saw a some success financially and earned mixed reactions from fans across the world.

So where does it all go from here? According to the word going around THE OMEN could possibly be getting yet another remake. Nothing is for certain but it appears that Twentieth Century Fox could be looking to resurrect THE OMEN franchise. If that does happen it will join a similar project.

Back a few months ago the world learned that THE WALKING DEAD'S Glen Mazzara was working on a new show idea titled DAMIEN for the Lifetime network. The story here is said to focus on an older Damien following him throughout his Anti-Christ destiny. With that being stated, if this new remake idea were to materialize, it is a possibility that the two could go hand and hand. Once again nothing is confirmed for the remake at this point but we will continue to follow the story as it develops.
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