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A Creepy Look At JU-ON: BEGINNING OF THE END - SEPTIC MAN Release Details Plus The Trailer All Within!

JU-ON: BEGINNING OF THE END is a Japanese horror film and also the seventh installment of the JU-ON franchise. It was directed and co-written by Masayuki Ochiai with Takashige Ichinose producing and co-writing. This movie is a reboot of the series retelling the events of the curse of the Saeki family that centers on a house in Nerima, Japan. You will find some creepy images taken from the flick down below.

JU-ON: BEGINNING OF THE END stars Nozomi Sasaki, Sho Aoyagi, Kai Kobayashi, Reina Triendl, Miho Kanazawa, and Haori Takahashi.


"An elementary school teacher named Yui (Sasaki) visits the home of a boy named Toshio Saeki (Kobayashi), who’s been absent from school for a long period of time. When she arrives, she re-lives the horrific tragedy which occurred in the Saeki household 10 years earlier. A cardboard box left in a closet holds the key to revealing a long-hidden truth."

JU-ON: BEGINNING OF THE END was released on June 28, 2014 in Japan and will be screening this year as part of the 2014 Fantasia Festival.

We have been hearing about this one for a while now, and it looks like it will deliver. Director Jesse Thomas Cook brings us SEPTIC MAN. The film did really well at the 2013 Fantastic Fest where it's star Jason David Brown won Best Actor in a horror feature. Starz Digital Media is set to release SEPTIC MAN this summer. You will find the trailer waiting for you down below.

SEPTIC MAN stars Jason David Brown, Molly Dunsworth, Robert Maillet, Julian Richings, Nicole G. Leier, and Tim Burd.


"A sewage worker gets trapped inside a septic tank during a water contamination crisis and begins to transform into a sewer demon. To escape, he must team up with a docile Giant and confront the murdering madman known as Lord Auch."

SEPTIC MAN will be available On Demand and for digital download August 12th and will have a limited theatrical run on August 15th. Look for the DVD to be released on August 19th.
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