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Rob Zombie Reveals New Imagery For His Upcoming Horror Movie 31!

Not long ago a mysterious teaser video appeared on the scene which touched on Rob Zombie's past Horror films and then it moved forward to the mysterious future. The title of the upcoming project was revealed to be called 31. Rumors quickly started forming and there has been speculation that it could be a HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES prequel due to the obvious clown mask that is in the video. Zombie then took to an interview to straighten out a few things.

Now some new light has been shed on the subject in the form of some fresh concept art (see below) from the 31 project courtesy of Rob Zombie himself which he shared on facebook. Zombie is said to be announcing more details on 31 very soon.

Rob Zombie recently talked about his upcoming film 31 in an interview saying:

“31, yeah, because it takes place on October 31st."

When asked about the rumors of 31 being a prequel he said:

"No, it’s totally different. All I can tell you is that it’s a completely original idea, it’s something new. It’s not based on anything. I’ll start shooting the movie in the fall. So hopefully starting from October, I’ll start shooting it. For right now, I’m going to keep the details secret. But it’s not based on anything.”

He was then asked about a possible connection with the clown mask and Captain Spaulding:

“Well, he doesn’t really look like him, I think. There’s a clown thing in the movie, but it has nothing to do with Captain Spaulding. And what is in the movie doesn’t look like Captain Spaulding either, maybe the people think the poster does but the movie won’t.”

Continuing on, Zombie spoke about why there was a delay with his hockey project, BROAD STREET BULLIES and why 31 became the priority:

“Well, it really didn’t have anything to do with not being ready. It’s all about money, you know. We didn’t have the money yet to do the hockey film. And someone decided that they would give me the money to do the other film, so I said “ok, I’ll do this one first and come back to do the other one later.” Because I didn’t want to just sit around for years trying to get the movie made, because that’s how it goes sometimes, you know. Sometimes it takes a long time to get a movie made, and I didn’t want to wait. And every time I plan a movie another movie is the one I make. You know, they’re very expensive to make. So, as soon as I told someone the idea for 31, they were like “Oh! We’ll give you the money for that! Let do it!” So I was like “Ok! I’ll do that first and then I’ll come back to the other movie!”

Here is the teaser video for 31 just in case you missed it.

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