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Big News: An EVIL DEAD TV Series Is In The Works!

The EVIL DEAD franchise is one that is very unique in so many different ways. 1981 saw the release of THE EVIL DEAD, followed by THE EVIL DEAD 2 in 1987. Then in 1992 ARMY OF DARKNESS was released and it seemed for a long time that was the end of the fun. Then in 2013, a remake simply called EVIL DEAD hit the scene with great success. Now comes the next stage for the Horror franchise.

Sam Raimi appeared on a panel at Comic-Con to talk about his upcoming film THE LAST OF US. While there the inevitable happened as EVIL DEAD was brought up. With hopes of hearing some news for another possible film in the Horror franchise, Raimi dropped the unexpected news that EVIL DEAD is being prepared for a television series.

According to Raimi, he is currently writing the project along with his brother, Ivan Raimi, and Bruce Campbell.

Here is what Raimi had to say:

“I always loved working on that series with Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert and my brother and I are writing the Evil Dead TV show right now…with Bruce Campbell.”

There are no further details on The EVIL DEAD television series at this time. We will continue following this story.
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