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An All Female Cast Coming For GHOSTBUSTERS 3???

This year marks the 30 year Anniversary of all that is GHOSTBUSTERS. In fact the original 1984 film will be seeing a re-release in more than 700 select theaters on August 29th for one week, followed by a special September 16th Blu-ray release as well.

The GHOSTBUSTERS 3 twists and turns continue on as some fresh unconfirmed news has surfaced. THR reports that Sony has interest in a director and that the third film could be lined up for a huge reboot.

According to the report, Paul Feig, director of BRIDESMAIDS is in talks in an effort to snag the director's chair for GHOSTBUSTERS 3. As of now, it appears that the two sides haven't even had a tangible discussion on the matter however THR does say that Sony and Paul Feig are very into the idea of collaborating together.

As for the reboot aspect, THR also says that the film could be getting an all female cast since Paul Feig has had some success directing all female comedies. Regardless, we are expected to still see returns from those of the original cast who decide to be a part of the film. We know that Dan Aykroyd will most likely return. Bill Murray has expressed no interest at this point.
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