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Marilyn Burns Passes Away

The world has lost one of it's most beloved Scream Queens. Marilyn Burns, who starred in the 1974 Horror classic THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE sadly passed away on August 5th. She was 65 years old. She was found unresponsive by a family member at her home in Houston Texas.

Burns was known for her role as Sally Hardesty in THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, as the film’s final girl and sole survivor. She had roles in other Horror films such as the TV movie HELTER SKELTER and EATEN ALIVE but the actress was very fond of the Chainsaw franchise and even made appearances in the 1994 and 2013 reboots. Her final role was in the upcoming film IN A MADMAN'S WORLD.

Some time ago, Burns had this to say pertaining to her time filming the original 1974 Horror classic:

“I mean, what were we thinking having somebody chase me through the woods with a chainsaw? We were a bunch of kids playing with a chainsaw and hoping we got it on camera. Thank goodness some of our accidents didn’t happen off camera.”

In regards to working on 2013's reboot TEXAS CHAINSAW (3D) she had this to say:

“For me to say I enjoyed a script and was so genuinely surprised with how clever it was written and delighted because this hasn’t been done before … that in itself made it really exciting."

R.I.P. Marilyn Burns. Our deepest condolences go out to her family and friends during this very difficult time.
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