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A RESIDENT EVIL TV Series In The Making??

We have a very curious bit of rumor style information in regards to RESIDENT EVIL. The franchise has been able to continue do well financially managing to find outlets within books, animated movies, live action films, video games, and even comic books. The popularity for RESIDENT EVIL continues to grow. So much so that it could be coming to television.

Mance Media is a production company that acquires licenses and helps to produce a wide selection of programming. According to B-D they are looking to create a TV series that is based on RESIDENT EVIL. On the company's page they have a pitch for a series appropriately titled "Arklay."

Below is the pitch information:

"Inspired by the Resident Evil franchise, ARKLAY is a new scripted survival horror series that delves into the mysterious homicides of Raccoon City.

When Detective James Reinhardt is thrust into a series of bizarre homicides, he unravels the city is hiding a dark conspiracy. Learning a fatal virus is connected to it all, Reinhardt discovers it’s already coursing through him. With time no longer on his side, he must solve the conspiracy to save his own life."

Keep in mind that nothing is official as this is only a pitch to possibly get the ball rolling. Below you will find the pitch reel, which uses footage from other sources to paint the picture of the idea at hand.

We will continue to bring you more this story as developments take place.
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