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The Current State Of GHOSTBUSTERS 3 - Ivan Reitman Talks New Direction - Bill Murray - More Within!

This year marks the 30 year Anniversary of all that is GHOSTBUSTERS. In fact the original 1984 film will be seeing a re-release in more than 700 select theaters on August 29th for one week, followed by a special September 16th Blu-ray release as well.

There have been a lot of rumors going around as to what GHOSTBUSTERS 3 will eventually become. We have heard supposed plot details, possible actors, and a number of directors that have been considered for the job. We brought you the word at the beginning of this month that Paul Feig, director of BRIDESMAIDS was in talks in an effort to snag the director's chair and that the third film could be lined up for a huge reboot, possible seeing a dominant female cast.

In an interview with Collider, Ivan Reitman talks a lot about GHOSTBUSTERS 3, revealing that he and Paul Feig have been discussing the possibility of taking the next film into a new direction saying:

“On the drafts that I’ve been supervising, there’s always been a very important female presence. It’s nice to know that Paul is interested in the same thing. I met with him because I’ll be producing whatever the new Ghostbusters is.”

He continues:

“The studio is very interested in it, and certainly Aykroyd and I, and the late Harold Ramis until he passed away. We’ll see. I don’t like talking about it because this thing has been in such flux for so long that people, particularly online, are annoyed about it, and that’s not anybody’s desire or hidden plan.”

As far as the constant delays go, Reitman brings up Bill Murray's lack of involvement saying:

“I think we were initially slowed down by Bill Murray’s reluctance to be involved. Not that that’s all that surprising. He’s somewhat reluctant about most things. I think that affected the timing of things, to a great extent.”

“We all wanted him back, at the center of it, as well. But I think there’s still a great story in Ghostbusters and a great conceit about it that has held true, for all these years. And I think there’s a great movie to be made, with a new cast, as well.”

Reitman adds:

"Just a really good, cool idea that I think would work, that audiences would want to see, and that’s a little different than things before, but that I don’t necessarily have to do, as a director. That’s finally what led me to back away from doing another Ghostbusters. I had done two others, and it would have been without Bill or Harold. I certainly would have done it with the original cast version. That’s the script that I was working on. But it was clear that I didn’t have half the cast anymore, so I thought, “Well, I’ll produce this next one and make sure that the spirit is true to the originals. But, I’ll let somebody bring some fresh ideas to it.” That’s what it’s going to need."

It will indeed be very interesting to see GHOSTBUSTERS 3 once it finally is ready for release. We will keep you updated on this story.
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