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5 Horror Movie Theories That Actually Make Sense - Or Do They?

Theories and what ifs are a very interesting thing. Especially when you apply ideas to some of your favorite films. Some make the movie more enjoyable, some are completely out there and frightening, and some are just fun to think about. In no particular order, here are five Horror movie theories that have been bouncing around the grapevine that are very curious.


Theory: Nancy is really Freddy's daughter

Some fans believe that the Elm Street movies never fully explain Freddy's fixation on Nancy or the her house even though it is touched on in FREDDY'S DEAD. The theory is that Krueger's fixation throughout the entire series on that house is his belief that it should have been his house, his daughter, his life, and every film is an attempt to reclaim that. Some also believe it explains why Marge kept the glove in the original film.

EVIL DEAD (2013)

Theory: That the remake is actually a sequel

That's right there is great speculation of this as some claim that the cabin in the remake is nearly identical. Unlike the original, a lot has clearly happened here. This is not one family that has suffered through the book's wrath, it's whole families, suggesting that the evil has been present here for a long time. The book is worn and full of warnings to stay away, run away, get the hell out of there, warnings by all of the people who have made these mistakes before. Then there's the fact that the classic car from the original three films appears, and looks to be in much rougher shape than it did in those films because so much time has passed. Some even believe that Mia and David are the niece and nephew of Professor Knowby, who uncovered the book in the original films.


Theory: The aliens in the film are really demons.

SIGNS has a ton of religious overtones and the idea basically goes that this is the end of days, demons are beginning to walk the Earth, and this is not a family learning to come together in a crisis, it's a family being judged for their sins. The ending especially makes sense as the creatures are not aliens who happen to be allergic to water but rather are invading a minister's home, in which the water is blessed, and are defeated by holy water.


Theory: Michael Myers can actually talk and is several background characters throughout the series

This particular theory stems for how some claim that Michael Myers is a practical joker in the original film and is more interested in setting up scares than anything else. In part 4, when the group of Michael Myers impersonators flee, one of them shouts out "you thought it was me!" not "you thought I was him" and when they drive away Michael Myers is still standing back there. Some believe that this could be an actual line of dialogue in the series by Myers himself. The idea that he could be wandering the background without his mask actually does make a lot of sense. There is also a theory that he could be the man in part 4 who points out Ted Hollister in the bushes and causes the men to shoot their friend.


Theory: Roy is really possessed by Jason

Of all the Friday sequels this is the one where we think it's Jason the whole time and then the mask comes off and surprise! It's Roy, the paramedic. But in the movie, Tommy Jarvis is haunted by visions of Jason Voorhees, and the theory here is that he's actually seeing Jason's ghost, who has connected with Roy's rage and taken control of his body. Thus in theory connecting Jason Goes to Hell into the earlier films, as that film showcased Jason's ability to possess people after his own body is destroyed.
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