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Meet THE WALKING DEAD's Newest Character - Plus Video From The Season 5 Premiere & More All Within!

It is not long from now that THE WALKING DEAD will be making it's highly anticipated return to television. When we last saw some of the newly reunited gang, they had just made it to Terminus and had quickly found out that things were going to be very difficult. Locked up together with the unknown watching over them, the group gears up for the fifth Season. Below we have a bundle of WALKING DEAD goodies for you to enjoy.

Tyreese may not be among the group that is currently caged like animals, but it appears that he too is having troubles of his own as seen below in this special sneak peek video for the Season 5 premiere.

EW revealed that Seth Gilliam is the newest addition to THE WALKING DEAD as he will be taking on the role of Father Gabriel.

What Gilliam said in regards to playing Father Gabriel:

"I only read the comic book where Father Gabriel was introduced, which I think was episode 61 in the comics. I didn’t read anything before that, and I haven’t read anything after that. I discovered from reading about the show that often times characters’ names and journeys are kind of crisscrossed and mismatched, so I thought if I did read too much I might be giving myself a lot of information that would be useless, or just outright wrong. So I figured, like with everything, I’d just take the script and try to fill him out the best I possibly can."

The new cover for Entertainment Weekly has hit the scene. In fact it is four different covers. See them all below. THE WALKING DEAD is everywhere.

THE WALKING DEAD returns to AMC October 12th.
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