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Video: A Special Look Behind The Scenes Of The Upcoming Season Of THE WALKING DEAD!

As of late in the storyline of THE WALKING DEAD, we have been seeing a lot of the rural landscaping that the state of Georgia has to offer as well as lot's of woods. As Season 5 arrives, we will be seeing less of the countryside and the comeback of some urban locations.

Taking on new locations in the city is no easy task for the cast and crew, as you will see in the video below. You will get a sneak peek into some of the visuals that are to come. Location manager Michael Reilly talks about having to work with the local communities in order to pull of what they are going for.

As seen in the past, a total of sixteen episodes are planned which will be divided into two parts. The second set of eight will resume in February 2015.

THE WALKING DEAD returns to AMC October 12th.
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