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HELLMOUTH Revives The Old School Feel In This Incredible Trailer!

Remember how cool the old school Horror film feel was? That is what we have for you today. From writer Tony Burgess and Director John Geddes comes HELLMOUTH. It is a harrowing story of one man’s torturous battle with the world’s most horrific ghouls and ghosts in a graveyard that turns reality into outer world fiction. The trailer, thanks to Twitch, has just hit the scene and we have it for you down below.

Starring Stephen McHattie, Siobhan Murphy, Mark Gibson, Julian Richings and Boyd Banks. HELLMOUTH is directed by John Geddes.


"A throwback to the genre films of the 1950’s, Hellmouth is about a gravekeeper (Stephen McHattie) who is drawn into a hell dimension to save the soul of a beautiful woman."

HELLMOUTH will be shown to distributors around the world at a buyers only screening during the Toronto International Film Festival.
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