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Video: The Killer Clown Prankster Returns And Brings A Buddy!

Pranks are always fun to watch if done correctly. As time goes on, pranks become more and more outrageous with the intent of catching people off guard and frightening them properly. A few months ago we shared with you the Killer Clown Prank videos which are a lot of fun. This Big Top monster would hide in the shadows and other random places ready to frighten unsuspecting people in different ways bringing a little Horror their way. All of the while catching their reactions on video for us all to enjoy. Now he makes his return once again, but this time he brings a buddy.

The guys from the Youtube channel DmPranksProduction are responsible for this clever set of tricks which features two creepy clowns in a series of different situations confronting unsuspecting people that happen to be passing by.

You can see the previous Killer Clown Prank videos by clicking HERE.
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