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An All Nighter on Elm Street Is Coming!

October has yet to arrive and already the mad rush has begun. It is truly a wonderful time of the year for Horror fans. Freddy Krueger has a special event coming up that all A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET fans can certainly appreciate. The 30th Anniversary for the original film is this year and in celebration of the benchmark, a mega marathon is being prepared.

Cinefamily in Los Angeles will be hosting "An All-Nighter On Elm Street" which will show the first seven films in the series. This Epic marathon will be taking place on Friday October 24th and is co-presented by Friday Night Frights.

There currently is no ticket information at the moment but you can CLICK HERE to follow.

So there will be no FREDDY VS JASON shown, nor will there be any remake. The movies shown will be in 35mm and special guests are expected.

This will mark the second marathon hosted by Cinefamily that put the focus on a Horror franchise. The first was this past summer, as they had a FRIDAY THE 13TH showing of the Jarvis trilogy in parts 4, 5 and 6.

Remember, if you are in the Los Angeles area "An All Nighter On Elm Street" is coming October 24th.
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