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SCAREWAVES Is Coming - See Trailer Within!

Director of BABYSITTER MASSACRE and HAUNTED HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW Henrique Couto readies his latest Horror effort. In the tradition of TALES FROM THE CRYPT and CREEPSHOW comes Terror in a new frequency with the film SCAREWAVES. Join radio host Amos Satan as he lets his hungry listeners in on four of the most terrifying and true stories he's heard over his years in show business. We have the trailer waiting for you below.

The film stars John Hambrick, Erin R. Ryan, Haley Jay Madison, and Joni Durian.

"Late night paranormal radio DJ Amos Satan is sharing four scary true stories with his audience on their final broadcast of the show."

SCAREWAVES will make it's debut at Englewood Cinema in Englewood, Ohio on September 26th.

No official public release date is available yet but SCAREWAVES is expected to hit DVD and VOD soon courtesy of Camp Motion Pictures.
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