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Director James Wan Bringing His Style Of Horror To Television! Details Within

The Horror boom in television that is currently going on is about to welcome something special to the ranks. The supernatural/demonic possession style drama MAIDENHEAD has been purchased by NBC. It is written by Ben Ripley and James Wan. The cherry on top is that Wan will be directing. The series is described as a "medical procedural wrapped in a very realistic, frightening supernatural drama."

“When a scientist is called to a tiny Connecticut suburb to investigate an ailing teen girl, he discovers that her affliction presents itself as a demonic contagion slowly spreading through the town. His team peels back the secrets and lies buried within the fabric of the community while medically deconstructing the tropes of demon mythology.”

This venture into television will mark James Wan's first crack into the world of the small screen. It goes without saying that it will be a must watch indeed. Wan's style of Horror is one of a kind unique. It will be very interesting to see how it translates through TV.

There is currently no word when shooting will begin on MAIDENHEAD since it is still in early development. We will continue to follow this story.
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