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Another New Manson Family Movie Is Coming!

The Manson Family story is one that is very powerful no question, and the actions of these people all of those years ago are still inspiring filmmakers to take on projects revolving around what happened. Charles Manson has become more popular than ever it appears as there is a television show which will be based on the family, Rob Zombie supposedly has a Manson inspired project on the back burner, and there is even the long awaited arrival of the Bill Moseley starring MANSON GIRLS.

Now apparently there is yet another Manson project being prepared as the movie rights to a new book written by Emma Cline titled THE GIRLS have been purchased by producer Scott Rudin after a brutal bidding war.

Here is the plot:

"The novel takes place in the combustible summer of 1969, where a 14-year-old named Evie lives in boredom in Marin County. The product of recently divorced parents, she is restless and unable to get much attention from either of them. She befriends and falls into an accidental friendship with an older and beguiling drifter named Suzanne. The young girl soon is sucked into the turbulent counterculture waters of what is to become an infamous commune, run by a charismatic madman. Evie quickly finds herself under the sway of the madman and closer than she knows to unthinkable violence. The book is a meditation on how power is lost when one looks to find it in others and surrenders free will to them, and how far some will go for a sense of counting for something."

No one is involved as of yet , but we will continue to bring you more on this story as it unfolds.
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