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Trailer For MOCKINGBIRD Arrives!

Bryan Bertino, director of THE STRANGERS, always intended to make a sequel to his home invasion film. That never happened, but he returns with his found footage Horror MOCKINGBIRD. Jason Blum's new label BH Tilt, has just released the film onto Digital HD and will soon be made available on Blu-ray and DVD. The trailer has made it's way online and it is waiting for you below.

MOCKINGBIRD stars Alexandra Lydon, Audrey Marie Anderson, Barak Hardley, and Todd Stashwick.


"Three individuals each receive an anonymous, unmarked video camera and a horrific ultimatum to continue filming... or die. Experience the terror through the eyes of these unsuspecting victims, with a chain of found-footage events so real and absolutely dreadful, you'll have to watch it again to believe it."

In addition to its current availability on Digital HD, MOCKINGBIRD will be released onto Blu-ray and DVD only at Walmart October 21st.
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