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Exclusive: John Carpenter To Do Film About America's First Serial Killer Family?

Without question John Carpenter is one of the most influential filmmaker's of all time. He has created such classic chillers as HALLOWEEN and THE FOG even a remake of THE THING. Carpenter has also given us some great action movies too, introducing us to Snake Plissken in ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and the alien invasion film THEY LIVE.

Our exclusive source reports that John Carpenter has been dropping hints that he has a project in the works which would chronicle the lives of America's first serial killer family the Bender's, also known as The Bloody Benders.

The Bloody Benders were a family of serial killers who owned an inn and a small general store in Labette County of southeastern Kansas from 1871 to 1873. The family consisted of John Bender, his wife Mrs. Bender, son John, Jr., and daughter Kate. While Bender mythology holds that John and Kate were brother and sister, contemporary newspapers reported that several of the Benders' neighbors have stated that they claimed to be married, possibly a common law marriage.

They are believed to have killed at least a dozen travelers before their crimes were discovered and the family fled, with their fate uncertain. Much folklore and legend surrounds the Benders, making it difficult to separate fact from fiction.

It will be interesting to see what happens with this project. We will continue to bring you the best in Horror movie/Horror TV news.

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