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The UNDERWORLD Universe Gets Big News!

UNDERWORLD is a series of action horror films that began in 2003 with sequels UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION (2006), UNDERWORLD: Rise of the RISE OF THE LYCANS (2009), and UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING (2012). Back in August we brought you word that the plan was to move forward with another installment titled UNDERWORLD: NEXT GENERATION.

With the UNDERWORLD excitement continuing to rise, IGN recently spoke with director Len Wiseman and he revealed that there are much bigger plans in the works saying:

“There’s a few things being developed right now. There are some characters who we really liked that will be in a kind of a spin-off like we did with ‘Rise of the Lycans,’ then we have another film in the works with Kate [Beckinsale] as well, and then there’s a television series. So we’re expanding that universe in many ways. They’re all in development. There’s a lot of releases out there that aren’t actually true; it would take too long to wrap up.”

So there you have it, two possible new UNDERWORLD films and plans to make a journey to television. It is nice to know that Kate Beckinsale aka Death Dealer Selene is slated for a return.

As far as the UNDERWORLD: NEXT GENERATION goes, Theo James is set to star along with two unnamed female characters to round out the main cast. Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi will be producing and Cory Goodman will be handling the writing duties. Shooting is expected to begin sometime next spring.

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