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SCREAM TV Series Without Ghostface???

SCREAM is one of those stories where Horror and fun come together as one. A perfect blend that is not easily created out of thin air. Ghostface is a brilliant killer as the mask or masks could be worn by anyone which adds the mystery element to it all. But could you imagine if there was a SCREAM story without the iconic mask wearing killer? According to the dedicated fan, the man that has control over the rights to the mask RJ Torbert says that is exactly what is going to happen for the MTV series that is currently in the works.

Torbert says:

“To answer your question regarding the “Scream” TV series… Please note, that I had been in communication with TWC regarding this and they have informed me, that as of now, and during the initial launch that Ghost Face is NOT involved in the new format. They also indicated that because of this direction, it does not mean, that Ghost Face will not be involved at a later date. So, there is still a question, to the question. However, as of now, there is no involvement.” That’s pretty painful to hear considering that the mask is quite literally the face of the franchise. There is a little shred of hope in there, though, because he does mention that Ghost Face could eventually tie into the series.

As far as the actual rights are concerned: “We believe, ‘Scream’ is Ghost Face, and Ghost Face is Scream. However, while Ghost Face is owned by Fun World, The Scream Motion Picture Franchise is owned by The Weinstein Company and it is their option to Film a movie or TV show without Ghost Face. Regardless, we wish them the best of luck and I’m sure ‘Scream’ fans will check out the series. Who knows what will happen in the future regarding the series and Ghost Face. Never say never.”

The MTV Scream series is said to center around a Youtube viral video that has gone wrong, leading to consequences which leads to murder which leads to the town's terrible past.

The series is at this point in time gearing up for the filming of the pilot episode. As of now an order for a full series has not been placed. Set to star are Willa Fitzgerald, Taylor-Klaus, Bobby Campo, Connor Weil and Joel Gretsch.

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