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HALLOWEEN Coming To Television??

Recently there was a HALLOWEEN screening event that took place at the Universal City Walk in Orlando. The press conference had Halloween Horror Nights creative director Mike Aiello and HALLOWEEN series producer Malek Akkad on board. The topic was addressing the new maze there which is HALLOWEEN themed.

Earlier this week we brought you the new HALLOWEEN update (Click HERE To View) and now new additional reports have come into the light.

Akkad remained mostly tight lipped about any details for the new HALLOWEEN film but he did offer a time frame for the next installment in the series shooting for the goal of October 30th, 2015. This no doubt would create even greater interest if released then.

When Malek Akkad was asked about the chance of ever seeing HALLOWEEN without Michael Myers again, his response was said to be elusive with his answers. He did indicate that there are plans in the works that will stem beyond another standard film, leading to speculation that a HALLOWEEN television series very well could be in the works. According to Akkad the crew is "developing some cool things that will be announced soon."

We will continue to bring you the best in Horror Movie/Horror TV News.
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