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SCREAM TV Series Gets The Green Light - Changes Are Made - More Within!

Just over one week ago we learned that the upcoming SCREAM MTV project may not feature the iconic Ghost Face. Yahoo reports that the official word has came in green lighting the situation. The first season will be ten episodes in length and is gearing toward a debut in October of 2015.

We learn that the series will start fresh with a new group of teens that are being menaced in a small town. A notable change is that Amy Forsyth has been replaced by Bex Taylor-Klaus as Audrey Jensen. Along with Willa Fitzgerald, the two headline a cast of newcomers including Bobby Campo, Connor Weil and Joel Gretsch.

The site confirms that the SCREAM television series will not feature the Ghost Face character which is what the franchise is known for. It is a very curious move but maybe it is all leading to something in the future. Wes Craven is still on board as an executive producer, so there is hope that this all will work out in some fashion.

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