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Show Creator Ryan Murphy Talks Seasons Of AMERICAN HORROR STORY Being Connected!

Speculation over whether the seasons of AMERICAN HORROR STORY are totally different stories or are some how all tied together has been a hot topic since one character from Asylum has showed up at the Freak Show and another one is on the way.

The character of Pepper the pinhead played by Naomi Grossman as we know was a resident at Briarcliff Asylum in the second season. Just last week we learned that Sister Mary Eunice, played by Lily Rabe, will be appearing on the fourth season soon to carry that storyline to what we know it as.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY creator Ryan Murphy recently spoke with EW, set the record straight when it comes to the shows being connected saying:

"I don’t want to say much about it but obviously she’s playing Sister Mary Eunice. The interesting thing about doing a show like this is every season is incredibly its own story and its own beginning, middle and end. Its own journey. But we have always from the very beginning in the intertwining mythologies and how things connect. This is the first year where we begin to tell you that season two is connected to season four which is connected to season one. People have started to write articles about that. A lot of their hypotheses have been completely right on. That’s the fun of the show. Hopefully by the end of the run, be it 10 years or 15 years, people will be able to stand back and be able to say, “Oh that was connected to x.”

There’s definitely a rhyme or a reason and a connectedness to all of these seasons, but in the same way, they’re standalones, which is the fun of it. But it is a puzzle. And Lily coming back and dealing with Pepper is sort of the first unveiling of that connectedness. She’s so great in that role, Lily. I understood she wanted to go off and do her own show. But I was thrilled she was able to come back and give us a couple days and show how Sister Mary Eunice and Pepper are connected and how it’s all connected. I’m glad she’s back in the habit!"


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