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New Imagery For The Eli Roth Produced CLOWN Within!

Just a few years ago, a fake trailer for CLOWN hit the scene claiming to have Eli Roth on board. Roth had no connection at the time, but when the buzz of the trailer built up and was finally viewed by him it would seem that he really liked what he saw. He hopped on it and is now producing CLOWN thus giving director Jon Watts the chance to turn his vision into a true motion picture.

On Halloween we showed you the new international trailer (see below) for CLOWN and now we have some fresh still images for you taken from the film.

Starring Andy Powers, Peter Stormare, Laura Allen and Elizabeth Whitmere


"When a father finds an old clown suit in his attic, he gives it a spin to brighten up his son's sixth birthday party. Laughs soon turn to screams, however, when the suit refuses to come off. Before long, he finds himself mysteriously transforming, plagued with murderous impulses that he can't control."

There is no word yet on when the release will be in the US. CLOWN opens in Italy November 13th.

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