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Full Video Short Of STRANGERS Awaits You Within!

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Home invasion is a sub genre that has become popular in the world of Horror. The idea of being in your personal sanctuary only to realize that where you thought you were safe, you really are not safe at all can certainly instill Terror. Writer/director Erick Lehmann has created a short film called STRANGERS, not to be confused with 2008's THE STRANGERS. It shows us that it is much easier to point out the missteps of others rather than your own. You will find the video waiting for you down below.

STRANGERS stars Michel Schueler, Barbara Meier, Dominik Hermanns, Volkram Zschiesche, Christoph Drobig, Todd Charmont, Sebastian Rein, and Kai Holzapfel.


“After humiliating his date Iris Garret, Donovan Price awakes the next morning to face an unusual darkness. He is locked up in his barricaded apartment with no chance of escaping. And he is not alone. Donovan sees himself confront- ed with four masked strangers, who invaded his home with unknown intentions.”

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