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This year marked the 30 year Anniversary of all that is GHOSTBUSTERS. There have been a lot of rumors going around as to what the GHOSTBUSTERS 3 film will eventually become. We have heard supposed plot details, possible actors, and a number of different bits and pieces being tossed around. We know that Paul Feig, director of BRIDESMAIDS will be in the director's chair and that the third movie could be lined up for a huge reboot, possibly seeing a dominant female cast. But what about the 2008 version that never happened?

Back in 2008 the duo of Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg were hired on to write the script for GHOSTBUSTERS 3. That script has leaked online and below are some of the highlights giving us better insight on what could have been.

Basically the opening of the film would have shown how the Ghostbusters had now become a mega corporation that was run by a shady character named Todd. Ray and Egon are still working for the company but only in lesser positions. Also still employed would have been Winston and Dana Barrett along with her son Oscar. As for Peter Venkman, he had now become the Mayor of New York City and actually won the ballot by being anti- Ghostbusters. The only thing that could bring them all back together is of course a new evil threat named Wolfram Von Grauen. He was the head of the Chicago World's Fair in 1893 and killed hundreds of people in his lifetime. His ghost would return and raise an eyebrow or two.

The old gang reunites to take on the this new enemy which threatens the city by summoning from the sea a creature being described as Cthulu-esque. The only way to eventually take down this evil is to once again cross the streams, only this time as they save New York City, it cost them their lives. At the end of the film we are shown Ghostbusters playing cards depicting the boys in ghost form at the station.

Although this will never happen it is still fun to imagine and learn what could have been. We will continue to bring you news and updates on GHOSTBUSTERS 3 as it unfolds.
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