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The Horror Film CLOWN MOTEL Is Coming!

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Just off of Highway 95, about halfway between Las Vegas and Reno, lies the sleepy desert town of Tonopah. There you will find the famous Clown Motel. It's lobby is filled with hundreds of menacing clowns, but each and every room is clown themed as well. On each of the walls are hung portraits of famous clowns, from Bozo to Pagliacci, their soulless eyes intent on watching your every move from their faux-gold frames.

To add to the fun, The Clown Motel shares a lot with a cemetery full of gold miners who died from a plague. The description of this real place provides the perfect setting for a Horror film. In fact that is exactly the case.

Waterstone Entertainment has acquired the rights to the Horror film CLOWN MOTEL. It is loosely based on the actual location of the same name.

Jeff Kalligheri from Waterstone will be producing the movie. The script was penned by Anthony Cincotta and John Darko. CLOWN MOTEL is currently looking for a studio partner with hopes of having a Halloween time release.


"Two video bloggers who trek out to a mysterious locale infamously known for strange occurrences. Soon after the duo's arrival, a group of intoxicated thugs set out to burglarize the bloggers but soon find themselves banding together to survive the night from the real terror that lies within the ancient landmark."

We will continue to bring you more on CLOWN MOTEL as it unfolds.
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