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It has been a while since we have heard anything on writer/director Jakob Bilinski's upcoming Horror film THREE TEARS ON BLOODSTAINED FLESH. The production has been rolling along with lot's of hard work taking place. The brand new bloody trailer has made it's way online and you can check it out below.

The film stars Bill Gobin, Jim Dougherty, Kayla Crance, Angela Steele, Rosalind Rubin, Grant Niezgodski, Sidney Shripka, Kevin Roach, Alex Hahn, Joe Atkinson, Eric T. Schroeder, Mark Nash, Jim O'Rear, Sonny Burnette, Rusty James, Julie Pyle, and Scott Ganyo.


"THREE TEARS ON BLOODSTAINED FLESH is a modern, Midwesternized spin on the giallo. It tells the tale of a man with a sordid past who returns to the small town he’s long since abandoned to bury his niece. Convinced she was murdered, he begins digging around the town and in the process uncovers their dark secrets, which include a deranged cult and a high body count."

THREE TEARS ON BLOODSTAINED FLESH will be released sometime soon.
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