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Major Update On THE BLOB Remake Within!

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THE BLOB is a very interesting franchise indeed. In the 1958 original, the evil came from outer space. The 1988 version shook things up a bit offering the threat of a biological weapon direction. News and rumors of a yet another remake have been going on for quite a while now with Rob Zombie possibly involved at one point. With Zombie now out of the picture, a new film does appear to be on track.

According to Deadline, THE BLOB is gearing up for principal photography to begin this summer with Goldcrest Films co-producing and Simon West sitting in the director's chair.

West spoke a little bit about the project saying:

“With modern CGI we can now fully realize the potential of The Blob. The world I create will be totally believable, immersive and emotionally satisfying. It’s a thrill to introduce an enduring icon to a wider audience and a whole new era of fans.”

Also producing are Brian Witten and Richard Saperstein with Korea's Taewon Entertainment and A-List Corporation co-financing. Jack H. Harris, who produced the 1958 film, will be executive producing with Laurence Freed, Judith Parker Harris, and Shara Kay.

We will continue to bring you more on THE BLOB remake as it unfolds.
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