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FRIDAY THE 13TH seems to be more popular than ever. Jason Voorhees has become a pop icon within today's society. Even fans that aren't into Horror are familiar with the machete wielding killer. With a brand new FRIDAY THE 13TH film looming in the future, the very latest has come in.

According to Deadline, Paramount has announced that the new FRIDAY THE 13TH movie which was scheduled to hit theaters November 13th has now been pushed back until May 13th 2016. Plot details and casting are still unknown at this time but David Bruckner is still expected to be directing, with Platinum Dunes' Brad Fuller and Andrew Form producing.

Also announced was PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION, which was set for release on March 13th 2015 will now be released on October 23rd 2015.

Gregory Plotkin is directing PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION from a script written by Andrew Deutschman and Jason Pagan. Plotkin worked as the editor and co-producer on PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3, 4, and THE MARKED ONES.

Paramount has also announced that the next RING film, which is titled RINGS will be hitting theaters on November 13th 2015.

RINGS is said to be a reboot of sorts as Naomi Watts will not be returning. The film will once again feature the creepy Samara as well as the cursed video tape.

The new script is being penned by Akiva Goldsman, David Loucka and Jacon Aaron Estes. It will be based off of the 1991 Horror novel, "Ring".

F. Javier Gutierrez is still attached to direct, with Laurie MacDonald and Walter Parkes producing.
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