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Teaser Trailer For RHONDA RIDES TO HELL Has Arrived!

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In a futuristic world where everything has gone to Hell, the most sought after resource on the planet has become water, the new currency. Trained in various survival skills and taught to live off of the land, Rhonda finds herself taken in by the government with a new mission in life. From Seven Devil's Productions and director Michael S. Rodriguez comes RHONDA RIDES TO HELL. The first teaser trailer has arrived which you will find below.

RHONDA RIDES TO HELL stars Meghan Chadeayne, Michael Wainwright, and Tyler Gallant. The film is written by Michael S. Rodriguez and Meghan Chadeayne.


"Desperate times seek desperate measures- an unlikely hero is called to duty, paired with a war torn vet on a mission straight to Hell, USA."

Look for RHONDA RIDES TO HELL this Fall.
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