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Trailer For Slasher Throwback Flick GIRLHOUSE - Coming To VOD!

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A beautiful college student falls on hard times and is needing money for tuition, so she decides to move into a house that streams content to an X-rated website to make ends meet. Little does she know that the wrong pair of eyes are watching her. From director Trevor Matthews comes GIRLHOUSE. It is a film that may have slipped through the cracks for some of you and it is about to be released to the world this Friday the 13th. Head on down below to see the trailer.

GIRLHOUSE stars Ali Corbin, Adam DiMarco, and Slaine.


"Kylie Atkins, a young and beautiful college student in need of money to pay for tuition decides to move into a house that streams live content for a popular X-rated website. The women can come and go as they please but live at the house and play for the cameras, which are everywhere. She starts to adjust to her new life with fellow housemates and all seems to be going well. The stream, Girlhouse, has a diverse audience – teenagers, businessmen, shop owners, locals, foreigners and, unbeknownst to the women and operators of Girlhouse, one very disturbed, creepily obsessive admirer named Loverboy."

Girl House arrives on VOD and in select theaters February 13th through Entertainment One Films.
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