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Intense Heart Pounding Trailer For Extreme Shock Horror Flick AMISH DEVIL Arrives!!

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Every now and then a trailer hits that can completely blow you away. From Silver Hearse Productions in association with Mirror Door Entertainment & Holy Moment Cinema comes AMISH DEVIL, an Extreme Shock Horror film that which mixes creature feature aspects with psychological thrills. Writer/director Damien Zygote is the one behind this sick and twisted nightmare inducing Film. The movie follows Faith in her trials and tribulations of her destitute Amish community. The trailer awaits you below.

Executive Producing is Joel Mark Puorro with special FX Make Up & Creature FX by Tom Devlin.


"An isolated Amish community in rural Maine survives apocalyptic events and becomes part of a modern day prophecy in the year 2046."

There is no release date set as of yet for AMISH DEVIL.
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