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Official Teaser Trailer Arrives For THE CHURCH Starring Bill Moseley!

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Churches have always been locations of sanctuary, safety, and refuge. For some, these holy places can take away anxieties or fears within an instant. This is not the case in writer/director Dom Frank's upcoming film THE CHURCH. With the film now completed, Frank looks for it to be released soon so that he can begin work on the sequel THE CHURCH: SECOND OFFERING. Head on down below to check out the teaser trailer.

THE CHURCH stars Bill Moseley, Clint Howard, Lisa Wilcox, Ashley C. Williams, and Keith Stallworth.


"When a developer dishonestly acquires the rights to purchase and demolish a 100 year old church, his development team and members of the church board are met with supernatural disapproval and HELL breaks loose in the HOUSE of GOD!"

There is currently no release date for THE CHURCH but it is expected out sometime this year.
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