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Official Red Band Trailer Arrives For The Horror Flick HOOKED UP!

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Last year's Mile High Horror Film Festival pumped out films such as DEAD SNOW 2, HOUSEBOUND, VHS: VIRAL just to name a few. There was also a new found footage flick which was shot entirely with an iPhone titled HOOKED UP. Director Pablo Larcuen and producer Jaume Collet-Serra ready up for release as Uncork’d Entertainment picked up the new movie. The Red Band trailer just hit the scene which you can view below.

HOOKED UP stars Stephen Ohl, Jonah Ehrenreich, and Julia Molins.


"Two young friends from New York travel to Barcelona to get over the break-up of one of them. But things won’t go as expected, and they will end up trapped in a house where they will have to fight an evil girl and the evil inside them."

HOOKED UP heads to VOD on April 7th and DVD June 9th.
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