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Never Before Seen Imagery Emerges From FRIDAY THE 13TH Part 3!

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Over the years we have gotten a lot of kills from Jason Voorhees that we will never forget. FRIDAY THE 13TH is known for it's creativity whenever Jason and death are involved. In honor of today's date, we have a special treat for you.

Courtesy of the Friday the 13th Franchise comes another wave of never before seen behind the scenes photos taken from part 3. (See previous batch HERE.)

In the photos below we see the late Richard Brooker as Jason dealing with an axe in the head that came from the famous encounter with Chris Higgins. We also see director Steve Miner preparing for shots.

Another great image is that of Brooker taking it easy on set and enjoying a magazine while dressed as the iconic killing machine with the axe attached to his head. Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

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