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Trailer Arrives For 80's Throwback Horror HOMICYCLE!

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There is nothing quite like the eighties. It was a great time to be a Horror fan. Sometimes the filmmakers of today pay tribute to the ways of yesteryear. Such is the case with director Brett Kelly's upcoming road Horror film HOMICYCLE. This Horror throwback flick has that grindhouse vibe and looks packed with practical effects. The trailer has arrived and you can view it down below.

HOMICYCLE stars Candice Lidstone and Peter Whittaker, Ian Quick, and Donna St-Jean. The film is written by David A. Lloyd, Jennifer Mulligan, and Trevor Payer.


"A town is under siege by a gang of drug dealers when from seemingly out of nowhere, a mysterious man in black astride a motorcycle begins targeting the junk peddlers for death!"

No official release date has been announced for HOMICYCLE as of yet, but one is expected very soon.
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