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For a very long time, the world has been intrigued with the idea that Sasquatch is a true legend. Many Bigfoot type movies have been made in the last couple of years including WILLOW CREEK and EXISTS. Now, directors Tony Gibson and David Ford team up to bring us a new take on the myth with their upcoming Horror film SOMETHING IN THE WOODS. The trailer has arrived and you will find it down below.

In the last couple of years, the world has received

SOMETHING IN THE WOODS stars David Ford, Angela Harger, and Kayden Grisham


"Strange and scary things happen at small family farm, but for John Hartman there is only one thing to do , stand his ground against something that the rest of the world says doesn’t exist …. until he realizes that nothing is more important than the safety of his family."

SOMETHING IN THE WOODS will make it's world premiere May 15th in Ohio at the biggest Bigfoot conference in the world.
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