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THE CABIN IN THE WOODS Creators Hit With Lawsuit - Details Inside

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When it comes to originality these days, good luck finding something fresh and unlike anything else out there. It seems that within the world of storytelling that most ideas seem to come from places that have already been told. Let's face it, for the most part that is just the way it has been for a very long time. Today, we bring you a different type of news.

2012's THE CABIN IN THE WOODS took ideas and situations from other Horror films and utilized them in a respectful manner. The film was written by Drew Goddard and producer Joss Whedon, while Goddard also directed. According to THR, the duo has now been slapped with a copyright lawsuit.

The complaint filed Monday in a California federal court says that Peter Gallagher, the Author of the 2006 Novel "The Little White Trip: A Night In the Pines" claims that Whedon and Goddard took the idea for CABIN IN THE WOODS from his novel. Gallagher is wanting $10 million in damages due to copyright infringement.

Here is a portion from Gallagher's claim:

"Like the Book, the Film tells the story of five friends (three males and two females) between the ages of 17 and 22 who take a take a trip to a remote cabin in the woods. The cabin’s previous inhabitants were murdered by the father of the family, who returns to terrorize the group of friends. Throughout, the friends are being filmed and manipulated by persons behind the scenes, inadvertently playing characters in a real-life horror show. The similarities between the two works are striking. Even the names of the lead characters are similar. In the Book, the lead female blonde and brunette characters are named Julie and Dura respectively, whereas in the Film they are named Jules and Dana. Similarly, the cabin in the Book is called the “Brinkley Cabin,” whereas it is the “Buckner Cabin” in the Film."

Named as defendants are Whedon and Goddard, along with Lionsgate and Mutant Enemy production company, which is owned by Whedon.
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