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We usually do not report on speculation but when it pertains to Rob Zombie possibly working on something from THE HILLS HAVE EYES Franchise, it is definitely worth looking into.

That's right, IMDB currently has Rob Zombie, director of the upcoming Horror flick 31, marked down as THE HILLS HAVE EYES: THE BEGINNING as his next project. The site has Zombie being responsible for writing the screenplay which would be based off of Jimmy Palmiotti's graphic novel which takes a look at the origin story of the cannibalistic mutants that refused to leave their homes during nuclear weapons testing.

In addition, IMDB says that this prequel project will be an animated film, with Zombie listed as doing one of the voices as well as executive producer.

Here is the synopsis from the graphic novel:

“‘The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning’ tells the story of the original families who refused to leave their small New Mexico town once the U.S. government began above-ground atomic testing. Spanning multiple generations, this dark tale reveals how these once good people slowly devolved into murderous mutants.”

Something else which should be noted is the fact that DC reports that Jimmy Palmiotti stated that he knows nothing of the project. At this point we should all keep an open mind to this idea as nothing has been confirmed.

We will continue to follow this story as Zombie will likely confirm or deny it soon enough.
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