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New Official Trailer Arrives For THE SUFFERING!

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Madness has to be a Horrible thing. The idea of not having control over your own thoughts along with some Hellish evil would not be fun in real life. As Horror fans though, we can appreciate such ideas. Director Robert Hamilton's upcoming Horror flick THE SUFFERING looks to bring the insanity. The film is currently being shopped around to a number of distributors. We have the brand new trailer for the movie waiting for you down below.

THE SUFFERING stars Nick Apostolides, Elizabeth Deo, Regen Wilson, Phil Amico, Chad Eric Smith, and Liz Christmas. Written by Marco V. Scola and Hamilton.


"Henry Dawles is at a cross roads in life. A diminished bank account and baby on the way with his estranged wife, has his personal life in shambles. When Mr. Remiel, an elderly shut in, offers Henry a lucrative sum to appraise his rural estate, he accepts without hesitation.

What follows is a harrowing exploration of mind and madness. A journey through an estate as vast and beautiful as it is secretive and horrific. When Henry closes in on the land’s dark truth, Remiel’s eccentric behavior takes a menacing and unforgettable turn. In this twisted tale of morality and redemption, Henry must confront the terrors of his present while coming to terms with the horrors of his past."

There is currently no release date for THE SUFFERING. We will continue to keep you updated.
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