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THE NIGHTMARE Finally Gets A Trailer - See Within!

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ROOM 237 was a very in depth documentary that took a much deeper look into the supposed hidden meanings within Stanley Kubrick's THE SHINING. It's director, Rodney Ascher prepares for the official release of his upcoming film THE NIGHTMARE. The movie takes a look at the terrifying demonic visions that sleep paralysis victims suffer from, which Ascher himself is familiar with. THE NIGHTMARE made it's debut at Sundance back in January to positive reviews. Below you will find the first trailer for THE NIGHTMARE.

THE NIGHTMARE stars Siegfried Peters, Steven Yvette, and Age Wilson. The film is produced by Ross M. Dinerstein and Glen Zipper. Content Film President Jamie Carmichael is on board to executive produce and co-produced by Tim Kirk.

Extended synopsis:

"Imagine that when you slept, you sensed that something was watching you in the darkness. Worse still, when you suddenly woke up, you were paralyzed and helpless, as a shadowy presence came inexorably closer to you. Welcome to THE NIGHTMARE from Rodney Ascher, who last rocked audiences with his portrait of the Kubrick-obsessed, ROOM 237. In this new film, he uses atmospheric, cinematic recreations to get the audience into the heads of everyday people suffering from “sleep paralysis”, a condition in which they regain consciousness but are unable to move or cry out for help. Frequently they hear menacing noises and voices and even see intruders (human or otherwise) in the room with them. The prevalence of sleep paralysis in the general population is surprisingly high, approximately 6.2%, a statistic borne out by a dramatic show of hands (and one tearful testimonial) at the film’s park City premiere.

THE NIGHTMARE’S subjects hail from different backgrounds and walks of life, but share eerily similar visions of malevolent, near-human beings that grow increasingly aggressive the longer the sleep paralysis recurs. Are these just random hallucinations or something more? Rational explanations get challenged by the similarities of the “shadow people” multiple subjects describe looming over them. Ascher, who has first hand knowledge of sleep paralysis, brings the full intensity of this experience to the screen while maintaining empathy and respect for his subjects. As the film unfolds, distinctions between the documentary and horror genres fade as do easy lines between reality and the imagination."

THE NIGHTMARE will be in theaters June 5th.
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