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Huge News: THE HOWLING & STRANGELAND Both To Be Rebooted - Details Within!

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There are a lot of Horror movie fans out there that absolutely do not like reboots or remakes whatsoever. Then there are some fans that really do enjoy them. Regardless of which category you fall into to, these type of flicks will continue to be made and today we bring you some really big news on that subject.

We have learned that Dee Snider’s 1998 Horror film STRANGELAND is now in line to be receiving the reboot treatment. Snider starred and wrote the original, portraying Carlton Hendricks also known as Captain Howdy. Emaji Entertainment and Snider will be teaming together for this new project.

"Music was intrinsic to me in the first one," says Snider. "We really tried to create the ultimate heavy soundtrack. Music will be important to me again for this film."

As of now the project has a working title of STRANGELAND: DISCIPLE.

In addition, Emaji Entertainment has also gained the rights to reboot Joe Dante's 1981 Classic Horror film THE HOWLING. Emaji Entertainment plans to produce THE HOWLING as the first in a series of films based upon well known film properties.

Additional details on the production and distribution of THE HOWLING will be released as the film moves through the pre-production process.

We will continue to bring you more on both reboots of STRANGELAND and THE HOWLING as they unfold.
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