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TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE TV Project Gets Really Bad News

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The announcement of the TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE reimagining came well over one year ago. Back then we learned that The CW's vision of remaking the show would have Stephen King's son Joe Hill, along with Alex Kutzman and Roberto Orci in charge of bringing the idea to life. Fast forward to the present and things are not looking good at all.

According to Deadline, the CW network has officially passed on the series due to some type of uncertainty in regards to how the anthology format would be able to ride on through multiple seasons. Another factor that played a major part in the decision was the lacking of a showrunner.

Here's the synopsis of what was planned for the show, had continued on:

"The anthology series will feature only one regular character, Newman (Lemche). A weathered and tortured young man, Newman is the guide to the unsuspecting who come across The Darkside. Newman – a man with his own desperate, wrenching secrets – knows exactly what’s causing the terrifying Darkside Events that drive the series. What he doesn’t know is how to stop them."

The original TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE series aired from 1984-88 with George Romero being the driving force behind that version.
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