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Creepy Trailer For JU-ON: THE FINAL Is Within!

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JU-ON: THE FINAL is the upcoming Japanese Horror film produced and co-written by Takashige Ichise and directed and co-written by Masayuki Ochiai. It is the final film of the JU-ON franchise and will follow the new continuity established in JU-ON: BEGINNING OF THE END. We have the trailer for JU-ON: THE FINAL waiting for you down below.

JU-ON: THE FINAL stars Airi Taira, Renn Kiriyama, Nonoka Ono, Yurina Yanagi, and Miyabi Matsuura.


"Mai Ikuno (Airi Taira) discovers that her younger sister Yui has disappeared. Yui is as an elementary school teacher, and she frequently visited the home Toshio Saeki (Kai Kobayashi), a truant student. Looking for clues to the whereabouts of her sister, Mai goes to the Saeki house. But weird and puzzling things begins to occur around Mai from the day she set foot in that house."

JU-ON: THE FINAL will be released in Japanese theaters June 20th.
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