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Trailer For GIRL IN WOODS Is Within!

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A visit to the Smoky Mountains is supposed to be a fun time. Such is not the case for Grace who has become lost and alone in the mountains after a tragic accident. Her struggle for survival is made more complicated by her troubled past. Battling the demons in her mind may be the only way to come out alive. From writer/director Jeremy Benson comes the Horror/Thriller GIRL IN WOODS. Head on down below to check out the teaser trailer.

GIRL IN WOODS stars Juliet Reeves, Charisma Carpenter, Jeremy London and Lee Perkins and John Still and Shaun Elizabeth.


"A woman stranded in the forest when her husband is accidentally incapacitated during an excursion, and her fight to retain her sanity as her haunted past creeps back into consciousness. Benson’s film promises madness and monstrosity, but is any of it real or is it all in the head of its heroine?"

Look for GIRL IN WOODS to be released later on this year.
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